How It Works?

1 Select Services

Please select any tab on home page or click on menu bar or map tab for our online booking services as per your requirement like Hotels, Cars, Rentals, Tours, Activities & Flights. Our partners from worldwide ready to serve you better in their location with their services. You can search our services with location or hotel name or short-out with keywords or with rating or in Map View. We have lots of booking options and benefits for our customers . So we request all please explore more in search & selection. Some highlights are mentioned below :

  1. We don’t charge any additional booking fee to Customers.
  2. Multi search & selection, offers from many partners.
  3. Get value for money, complete your desire with us.
  4. Main currency of site is “USD – $” ; while you can convert it to any available currency in our currency exchange widget placed at upper right corner. But we not guaranty for “accuracy of our currency converter widget”. So see prices in USD, double verify the prices of your desired services.

2 Make Booking


After your service selection you need to properly verify dates, time & availability then click to ‘book tab’ then a checkout form will come, so you need to fill all required details with country details. Then you need to choose option for completing you booking like “Submit Form” or through any Payment Gateway like PayPal.

Submit Form : If you choose this option means, you need to complete checkout process with submit form & captcha. No need to pay for any service in advance. You can pay yourself at counters & receptions, where & when you will start your booked service.

Payment Gateway : If you choose this option means, you need to complete checkout process with Payment Gateway like PayPal & captcha. Then a Payment gateway page browser will open you need to fill your debit or credit card details with address or as directed by gateway.

Note : 1. If you are booking services with any Payment Gateway then page will direct to Gateway page within browser then after payment success it will again redirect to website. So during that time do’t refresh page otherwise it will not redirect properly or it can produce some error.

2. If booking fail and payment done then, no need to worry. We will return payment with failed booking or it will return automatically, please visit our ‘FAQ & Support page‘.

3  Get Confirm and Enjoy

After Payment Success through Gateway or only just submitted ‘Submit Form’ then a “booking success message will display with payment method” on screen and email will be sent for booking confirmation.

1. You will get a confirmation mail with booking details, information of services with contact details of services partner & billing details.

2. For booking cancellation, you need to check our ‘Terms & Conditions‘ with services Partner cancellation policy (which mentioned on partner services page, where you booked service).

After all if you feel that you need some support in booking services or booking failed or failed transaction or if you want to report something or events then please ‘Contact Us‘.

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