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How to login and book online services on GlobalTripInfo? is it compulsory to register for booking services?

After register or signup, you are able to login within site. You may also login with your current social media account or email account. No it’s not compulsory to register on our website or App for booking services, you may also book travel services as guest but after booking your account will be automatically created.

Is customers complete details necessary to get booking services?

Yes for booking any services you need to provide Name, address and contact details on checkout page as per terms.

Can we book online multiple Travel services at GlobalTripInfo?

Yes, you may book multiple online services as per availability.

What is the options for Payment Gateway during checkout?

During checkout there is option of Payment gateways. You need to select Payment mode as per your choice, then the page will redirect to Payment gateway Page/website there you may use your credit, debit card or wallets to pay for Travel Service. After payment success, it will redirect again to confirm booking page.

Is our transaction secure with Payment Gateway at GlobalTripInfo?

Yes, our website using all security measures and also our Payment Gateways follow the all international security measures. If you have any doubt then we request you to check security measures and policies of our payment gateway service providers then proceed for final checkout.

If our transaction fail without booking or payment done but booking fail then what will happen?

If any event occur during checkout like transaction fail then you need to complete checkout process again. If payment done but booking fail or not confirmed then all money of payment will refund in the same account within 3 to 7 working days depends upon processing time of cards, banks or payment gateways. But no need to worry, if anything then you may contact to us with details. We are at GlobalTripInfo always ready to help & support you.

We want to cancel booking of services, is it possible? And we will get full refund or some percentage of payment?

Yes cancellation of any Travel services is possible as per timelines and guidelines of our Services Partner/Host wherever you booked service if partner/Host allowed to cancel service. So we suggest you to read and confirm policies before booking any Travel services. If partner not allowed to cancel service then you will not get any refund. But you cancelled service before cancellation timelines as partner cancellation policy then you will get full refund excluding transaction charge of gateway or services charges if any. And if you canceled service after timelines then you get refund as directed by partner cancellation policy.

If we booked multiple times for same service, same date and time but with different places or partners so can we cancel it and get refund?

In this case we suggest you to cancel all services which you don’t want except one which you wish to get, before cancellation timelines of Host or services partners, so you will get full refund of cancelled service. If you booked multiple times with single partner then cancel all except one then discuss with Host or services partner for refund. You have any issue then chat or email to our support team we will try to get full refund if possible as policies.

If in above you have not found answers of your questions, then don’t worry contact us with details.

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